I know that it’s hard

Miles between: one too many

I promise we’ll stretch

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i will bear the weight of two packs

and the canoe on my shoulders

although i know you won’t let me

so we can slip away

into the comfortable silence

that fills flickering shadows

dancing around every fire

when we wake to greet the citrus sun

we’ll follow tumbling streams

to their sacred sources

on foggy mornings

count dewdrops forming on fiddleheads

while soft smoke rolls over placid water

blending the earth and the sky

while our pastel bodies swirl

It’s a marvelous thing, the ocean. For some reason when two people sit together looking out at it, they stop caring whether they talk or stay silent. You never get tired of watching it. And no matter how rough the waves get, you’re never bothered by the noise the water makes by the commotion of the surface - it never seems too loud, or too wild.
Banana Yoshimoto, Goodbye Tsugumi (via thatkindofwoman)

Soon a warm evening breeze will be tickling the thin drapes. Soon, a panting moon will be peaking through our bedroom. Soon, star lips will be melting over your bare body. Soon, crickets will sing a melody of ecstasy; summer’s arrived. 

(Source: ivyenoch)